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Media Creator and Web Design

Video Production

Beast Feast Branding

Use video to communicate the message your brand will be known, trusted and remembered for.

Wyoming Short Film

Short videos can entertain, train and educate with cinematic video and stunning graphic presentations.

Nutcracker Documentary

There are many stories out there that should be told and video can capture the hearts and minds better than any media.


Rfile Stock Grip Inlay
Product Photography

High-quality product photography can push potential customers over the edge, with controlled environment or lifestyle shots.

Hiking in the Mountains
Editorial Photography

Beautiful images that tell stories and support publications that leave lasting impressions.

Shiras Bull Moose
Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is the most challenging but results in a lifetime of adventures all for that special moment.

Rocky Mountain Mist
Scenic Photography

The great outdoors present some of the most scenic and iconic images that uniquely captures a moment for a lifetime.

Web Design

Proffit's Lawn Care Website

Websites create the very first connection to an audience to make lasting impressions and guide them to a desired outcome.

Joel Proffit Outdoor Ministry Website

Present to the world a message and view of yourself that speaks volumes in imagery, style and commerce to consume.